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I took this picture while I was at work today and thought it was perfect because there are so many little things going on in this picture. This is Selena, my 9-year old autistic cousin who I work with on weekends. Many think children with special needs are not capable of certain activities. Although Selena can’t carry out a conversation she knows how to surf the web to find her Youtube videos, PBS Kids, and Disney Channel website perfectly fine on her own. She even stumbles on different kinds of videos that become a favorite of hers. Also what I love about this picture is the map on top the desk. I think it symbolizes where she will be going in her life and in a way saying something about “The boundaries are endless no matter who are you are”. She also loves to eat so the bowl in this picture makes it a lot funnier because she was eating her breakfast when I got to work this morning. On the right side wall are her parents certificates- her mother is a certified pharmacist and her father is a certified airplane engineer. Another look into the future potential and capabilities she has. The joystick on the left of the computer to me indicates how much she loves playing games. Whether its learning games on her sisters DS, Wii Fit, or computer games it’s something that interests her. So in a nutshell I think this picture shows the potential of what is to come of her future.


  1.   christinepersaud Said:

    on 02/20/2010 at 12:15 AM

    At first glance, the room looks like a study room. There is a map, many books, a computer, and certificates. The pink color of the room speaks comfort to me. It emits a calming, soothing feeling. Also, if Selena were not in the room, I would have assumed that it was a girl’s room because of society. Society shapes the way we see the world and according to society, girls and pink go hand and hand, although we do see a change nowadays. I completely agree that the room represents Selena’s future or her education. She looks like she has full command of the computer and is capable of performing all activities of those her age. The baby picture on top of the desk, I would assume is her. It represents progression and growth. It serves as a reminder for her to keep on going and to develop into a strong, young woman. To me, this room represents promise and the ability to overcome adversity. I believe it was your intention to take this photo of her not looking at you because we as viewers can see her as she truly is. It was great that she was not ready for the picture; it makes the picture special!

  2.   veronica10 Said:

    on 02/20/2010 at 6:30 PM

    This picture to me shows me plenty of opposites. The composition shows clutter on the bottom and space on the top; dark below and light above–all surrounding the subject, Selena in the middle. It speaks to the opposition that may be assumed but that she will overcome. Able/disable; access/restriction. The picture is shot from the back and with no description the viewer will only see the subject as a young girl on the computer which works to the author’s position to show Selena as a very able person. The fact that she’s at a computer plays to the idea of access and restriction. With her condition some may assume she may have limited access to the world, but the author lets us know (by saying she goes on her favorite websites by herself, her parents are successful and having a map of the world pictured above). This shot could have been taken as a close up of Selena’s face but the wide shot includes a lot of what the room shows that helps give the viewer information about the subject. Great job!

    Veronica Puello

  3.   Lindsey Paul Said:

    on 02/20/2010 at 10:30 PM

    After working with a 10 year old autistic girl for over a year, I know first hand, that although some everyday skills can be difficult, certain videos, games, or activities can make a day a little brighter and easier. As you had previously mentioned, there is a picture of map hanging up over the computer. It is very important for children at all ages to learn about different cultures in the world. The famous adage ” pictures speak a thousand words” is evident through this photo. If Selena had been facing the camera, I believe that she would be happy and smiling. I am sure she feels very lucky to have you in her family.

  4.   antonia Said:

    on 03/03/2010 at 4:14 PM

    I really like how your description gives so much more “content” and meaning to the picture. For example, the way you look at the map as a symbol for exploration.
    In terms of picture quality — if you have the skills and equipment, it would be great to enhance the brightness of the foreground of the picture more (the camera focused on the brightness of the screen, i.e. everything else in the room is rather dark).

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