Ethical Considerations For Final Project

Our project involves specifically the Indian dance community. Being that we are familiar with several dance teams, we will inform them of our study.  Given their permission, we will record pictures and videos of them in action. We will ask them if it is possible to republish their work for class purposes and research purposes as well.  By research purposes, we mean that we will ask them if we can use their photos or film to stimulate conversations and information among participants in our study. We are still considering whether we will use surveys to obtain information, but if we do, they will be strictly anonymous and we will add disclaimers to the survey informing them of our research purposes.  At the dance shows we will be attending, we hope to ask some of the audience about their personal opinion on what they feel the ideal dancer looks like. We will then ask permission to publish their opinion in our report.

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  1.   antonia Said:

    on 04/05/2010 at 5:14 PM

    Very good! How will you get permission from your participants?

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