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Getting to Know Your Eyes

I took this picture while I was at work today and thought it was perfect because there are so many little things going on in this picture. This is Selena, my 9-year old autistic cousin who I work with on weekends. Many think children with special needs are not capable of certain activities. Although Selena can’t carry out a conversation she knows how to surf the web to find her Youtube videos, PBS Kids, and Disney Channel website perfectly fine on her own. She even stumbles on different kinds of videos that become a favorite of hers. Also what I love about this picture is the map on top the desk. I think it symbolizes where she will be going in her life and in a way saying something about “The boundaries are endless no matter who are you are”. She also loves to eat so the bowl in this picture makes it a lot funnier because she was eating her breakfast when I got to work this morning. On the right side wall are her parents certificates- her mother is a certified pharmacist and her father is a certified airplane engineer. Another look into the future potential and capabilities she has. The joystick on the left of the computer to me indicates how much she loves playing games. Whether its learning games on her sisters DS, Wii Fit, or computer games it’s something that interests her. So in a nutshell I think this picture shows the potential of what is to come of her future.

Introducing Myself

Hi. My name is Bianca. I am currently a senior majoring in Sociology and Economics with a minor in Accounting.

I took this picture in Tampa when I was just sitting out on the lawn. I picked this picture to represent who I am because I am calm and serene. I am a non-confrontational person who likes to take things easy. In nature, everything needs to work together to have a balanced ecosystem. I need my friends and family to keep me balanced in my everyday activities and decisions. They are my happiness and my world revolves around them. Without one the ecosystem will be unbalanced and dysfunctional.

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