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Mini Fieldwork Experience

Doing this in-class assignment was quite interesting. Interesting how you may ask…

I was the participant in the exercise of “Quality of QC dining facilities”. Picking the place to take Lorena was probably the easiest task for me because that is where I eat most the time. However I don’t always eat school food because would either bring lunch or get food from the Halal Carts around campus. School food is quite over priced and the food’s quality is not that great. So I felt we, as students, never get what we pay for. When asked the quality of the campus food I hesitated to answer but I have it a 6/7. Thinking back to it I would probably lower it to a 3/4 because I had pizza there yesterday and it wasn’t tasty AT ALL. If I’m paying $2.50, WITH TAX, for a slice of pizza I think it should have some type of taste to it. Food services also need to be improved because some of the staff are not friendly and when you ask them questions they look at you like you’re crazy when you are asking perfectly logical questions, such as, “What is this made of?” or simply “What is this?”

When I was the researcher I think the hardest thing was coming up with the questions. I started my research from a different aspect. I started by asking the participant what she felt was the nicest thing about the Queens College Campus. I found it funny because Lorena just started at QC and hasn’t become familiar with names like “The Quad” or “SU” and when I took her there for my participant part it was the first time she was in the Student Union Cafeteria. I then asked what she felt needed to be improved on campus it took a while to get an answer. So I then broke down the questions. I had asked whether she felt buildings needed to be improved. Razran had gotten the vote as “worst building” because it has no windows and the classrooms are small and the entire building is “dingy”. Then I asked whether security, bathrooms, lighting, etc should be improved. The bathrooms didn’t help in my research because the bathrooms I went in were actually clean when I went in so that didn’t help at the time.

If we had more time I would definitely try to get a better run around and try to get more picture to show things about the campus to help improve both the campus as well as the food. I guess it was somewhat difficult being that I don’t eat at school and Lorena doesn’t know school enough to know what she would like to improve. But at the same time I thought it was cool that we were both doing something we weren’t familiar with.

The high prices of school food

The garbage can in front on Powdermaker Hall

I thought this was funny. If input is put in, would they really change?

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